May 2010

Boycotting SATs will ruin our students and destroy inner city schools


London, England - The Excellence in Education Programme and parent Support Group which has nutured the highest number of child prodigies, wish to categorically state that the boycott of SATs will sabotage the future of our children. It severely reduce educational standards, particularly in the inner cities. The Excellence in Education Programme, a world renowned leader in education, would want all parents and pupils to know that the cancellation of SATs test will irreversibly damage Britain’s learning competitiveness in the world.



"EVERY CHILD is a GENIUS provided their talents are discovered and developed"  according to Chris Imafidon described by the BBC as the Patriarch of the world'd brainiest family. (As quoted by  SkyNews, The Times,  and Metro of  March 2010)

Half-Term intensive revision sessions resume

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Proven Exam success tips given

Please watch this video for proven Exam success tips

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Whoever missed out on the opportunities provided so far to register, had better not miss it this  time - the Seasonal INTENSIVE Half-Term Sessions are resuming, but this time there is a twist...