July 2010

Maths Manual e-book


Buy the Maths Manual HERE.

Our Students

The sucesses of many of our students have been documented by the papers in recent years. Here are a few scans of some of the stories. They each open in a new window. Enjoy.

Dr Chris speaks at CLIWOM!


Dr Chris will be speaking today at CLIWOM sanctuary of praise from around 12 noon. There he will be offering the chance to win e-books worththousands of pounds! Come along if you want  that e-book to be yours.

End of Saturday classes for summer


Saturday classes at our Stratford branch have now finished. After a very

successful term we wish all our students a happy summer holiday. Our annual summer

school will commence the weeks starting 16th and 23rd August  at our Clapton

branch. More details will follow about the summer

classes so keep checking the website for more info.


Secrets of how anyone can top their class


Dr Chris, father of the brainiest family will be speaking at a LIVE interactive session entitled

"Top tips to topping the class and winning scholarships" this summer on

Sunday, 1 August 2010 at 11am and workshop at 1.30pm

for parents. teachers and students. All delegates will get a discount voucher to

attend the summer revision programme and a free e-book. 

Venue: Grace Outreach Auditorium  

7-14 Ruby Triangle
Sandgate Street
(Off Old Kent Road) London SE15 1LG