June 2012

GCSE Mathematics Revision Session 2012

Inner-city students are notoriously the poorest performers in Mathematics, and 300,000 students have been predicted to fail this summer's exams, therefore, EIE programme has teamed up with organisations, and companies to give FREE revision seminars for inner-city students on Saturday, 9th of June 2012. A webinar will be held fo all those with a GCSE Maths in the upcoming weeks, on Saturday 9th June.

Congratulations to those who attended. If you'd like a copy of the replay, email us. All the best for Monday!

GCSE Maths Exam

For all students sitting  the GCSE Maths exam on Monday, please make sure you have the address of the centre and that you arrive promptly on the day. See you all there.

Double Your Memory Webinar -Thursday 28th June

 Enjoyed the webinar?  If you did, then it was only a tip of the ice berg! Pre-order the 'Discover the secrets of getting a Mega Memory'  book now to also get a free copy of today's webinar. You can pre-order the book by emailing us at mymegamemory@excellenceineducation.org.uk