May 2013

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Dr Chris has just mentioned a couple of resources for you and your child.


Get a replay of last month's webinar on GCSEs (high school exams)

Replay our "Double Your Memory" webinar

Get a copy of the bestseller "Maths Manual"

Pick up something from our EIE Success Shop



 Dr Chris is getting ready to be interviewed on "Education Talk" on Sky TV channel 586 at 12noon today. It will be aired tomorrow (Sat) at 5pm and repeated on Sunday at 9.00am,and Monday at 1am. watch online; or all times are GMT 

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Exam revision for half-term

Half-Term revision classes will be held at  Durning Hall, Community Centre, Earlham Grove, Forest Gate, E7 9AB. Revision classes will take place from Tuesday the 28th of May to Friday the 31st of May from 10.00 am to 4pm. Students should remember to bring their own packed lunch.



Monday 27 May FREE Webinar - Exam revision for Half-term:

 Make sure you do not miss the exam revision for half-term! Dr Chris will explain how to prepare properly and efffectively for your upcoming exams as well as the principles you need to follow in order to get your desired results.

Don't forget the webinar begins at 1pm TODAY click here to join.