August 2013

Record Breakers: The Youngest A-Level and GCSE Class ever?

EIE has produced the youngest and yet the best class of A-Level and GCSE students this year, which includes inner-city pupils as young as 7. (Daily mail has also featured others)

11+ Session TODAY

For all those that are in year 6 and have exams coming up before the end of the year, we will be having a session today (Friday 24th August) at the Forest Gate centre. It will start from 6pm. Please note that is for REGISTERED members ONLY, meaning you regularly attend Saturday sessions and have paid a registration fee.  

Congratulations Marcus on becoming the youngest to pass GCSE!



BREAKING NEWS: Marcus - Youngest person to pass GCSE!

Congratulations to Marcus Ikpase, for having the bravery of writing and passing GCSE Maths, at the age of 7, with less than 2 months' preparation. He has become the youngest person to pass GCSE this year!

7 Shortcuts to Top the Class (Seminar on 11+, GCSE and AS/A-level or any examination)

7 Shortcuts to Top the Class will be on Friday, 6 September 2013 from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm. It will be held at Durning Hall (Community Centre) and main speaker Dr.Chris will be explaining to parents and students, 7 Shortcuts to Top the Class. For more information, or to register click here.