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EIE resumes on 7th September 2013

 Good news! EIE Stratford branch resumes on Saturday 7th September at 10.30am (ONLY for registered members).

7 Shortcuts to Top the Class (Seminar on 11+, GCSE and AS/A-level or any examination)

7 Shortcuts to Top the Class will be on Friday, 6 September 2013 from 6:30pm to 9:30 pm. It will be held at Durning Hall (Community Centre) and main speaker Dr.Chris will be explaining to parents and students, 7 Shortcuts to Top the Class. For more information, or to register click here.

Congratulations Marcus on becoming the youngest to pass GCSE!



BREAKING NEWS: Marcus - Youngest person to pass GCSE!

Congratulations to Marcus Ikpase, for having the bravery of writing and passing GCSE Maths, at the age of 7, with less than 2 months' preparation. He has become the youngest person to pass GCSE this year!

11+ Session TODAY

For all those that are in year 6 and have exams coming up before the end of the year, we will be having a session today (Friday 24th August) at the Forest Gate centre. It will start from 6pm. Please note that is for REGISTERED members ONLY, meaning you regularly attend Saturday sessions and have paid a registration fee.  

Record Breakers: The Youngest A-Level and GCSE Class ever?

EIE has produced the youngest and yet the best class of A-Level and GCSE students this year, which includes inner-city pupils as young as 7. (Daily mail has also featured others)

Summer Intensive Sessions

Summer Intensive Sessions start on Monday 5th August to Friday 16th August Students who have exams coming up in the Autumn, ought to be there! To register click here.

Sessions continue until the end of the month!

EIE Students should rest assured that sessions will go on until the end of the month, finishing on Saturday 27th July.

How to handle results day - EIE August 2013 Webinar

For those who have finished GCSEs and are enjoying a long, well-deserved summer or students who have finished AS/A Levels  this summer, this webinar on Monday 12th August will show you how to make the most of results day - regardless of the result! 

Register here to find out more about the event and book your place as spaces are limited!

University of Cambridge Open Day - Secret of Admissions

This is to remind All parents and carers of the last open for the University of Cambridge for this academic year. This Thursday 4th July and Friday 5th July are the days for College visitation and meeting of admission officer.

ALL students are welcome!

University of Cambridge host Dr. Chris on Saturday 6th July and Sunday 7th July!

Do you want to know how to get into Cambridge University?  Get FREE Tickets to the University of Cambridge who are hosting the 'Strategies for Educational Leadership Conference' at St. Catharine's College where Dr Chris will be speaking on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July where you'll find out:

 How to get scholarship to ANY elite university

Strategies for Natural, accelerated and curriculum-based learning


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