What we offer


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

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 Many people call us, or speak to us to find out the services we offer - This section of the website outlines that. We identify the interests or leaning of students and aid their learning with the appropriate technological tools such as DVDs, CDs, Videos, Tablets and Laptops.

We consider homework to be an important part of the school's curriculum. It is set according to ability for each age group and is complementary to the ongoing work of the class. We would ask therefore that parents provide comfortable and quiet conditions in which their children may work at home.

We recommend that each student have a book at home and read it for at least ten minutes to a responsible adult each evening. This helps younger children gain confidence and ensures that older children extend their understanding and use of vocabulary.

We also place great emphasis on the development of good behaviour. Teaching and counselling takes place in a context of order, obedience and good manners inside and outside the classroom.

Key Stage 1


ages 5 to 7 years old

We support children in Maths, English and Science subjects. Children learn using special resources tailored to their level at their own pace. We also support children preparing for 7+ exams for Prepatory schools up and down the country. 7plus exams normally include forms of Non-Verbal and Verbal reasoning seen at the 11Plus level.

11 Plus


ages 9 and upwards

Subjects include Non-Verbal, Verbal, Mathematics and English. We support pupils preparing for competitive 11Plus and Scholarship exams from Year 4 onwards. Intensive courses over school holidays and in the days leading up to the exams guarantee 100% success of all of our students.

They are also drilled in literacy and numeracy at their pace, rather than according to their age. In the past five years ALL pupils have received a minimum of 2 offers into top schools in the country.

Key Stage 2


ages 7 to 11 years old

SATs are set in Maths, English and Science and taken at the end of Primary School. Although the government expectations are set at Level 4, we aim to support and encourage our pupils to achieve the top Level 5 and beyond.

We run intensive classes in the half-term before the exams and provide extra support materials for use under parent supervision at home. As usual, we also provide an extensive list of websites and interactive online resources to enhance our pupils learning experience - at home and in the classroom.

Key Stage 3


ages 11 to 14 years old

Although SATs will no longer be compulsory in English schools from the academic year 2009/10, many schools have decided to opt-in. We support students who are in Year 8 and 9 and have been entered for their optional SATs in Maths, English and Science. There are intensive holiday courses as well as online resources for registered students.

This stage covers all students in years 7, 8, or 9. Pupils that attain level 6 or above in Science, Maths, or English are guaranteed writing GCSE higher paper a year early as preparation for 6th Form scholarships.

All year 10 students are encouraged to attempt GCSE in Maths, English, ICT or French a year early. They are also guided with their Coursework for many subjects.

GCSE (Key Stage 4)


ages 14 to 16 years old

All students take regular formative assessments and work through past papers, after completing their last coursework. In the past four years ALL our year 11 students have received at least two scholarship/grammar offers for 6th forms. French, English, Maths and ICT are taught by experienced teachers/specialists who are also examiners/moderators for major exam boards.

We suport students taking the following subjects at GCSE:



A-Level / IB / AVCE


ages 16 to 18 years old

Based on the students’ GCSE performance and career aspirations, advice is given on the best possible route whether it be IB, AVCE or A-level.

Sessions and support are provided for the following subjects:

University admissions


aged 17/18 years old

Guidance and advice are provided in the filling of the UCAS form, interviews, entrance tests and securing places in competitive courses, or prestigious universities.

We know that you will have to make some important decisions about your future and we understand the challenges you will face. We provide guidance and support in your choice of both university and degree programme.



EIE provide a series of seminars that inform and empower parents to support their children's education. We have organised seminars for all schools including Grammar, Public and Independent school admission requirements and mock exams. There have also been seminars for advice and guidance on Admissions and Scholarships to Oxbridge and Russell group universities as well as leading modern universities.

The new admission procedures to secondary schools have been examined in special seminars. They are all led by current/past teachers or leaders from top Grammar/Independent schools. They feature testimonies from students who have won scholarships.