Dear All,

Once again, 2007 has brought more exposure for us. Our students have done it again and are currently in the Daily Mail, Evening Standard and Mail on Sunday (see links below).

Congratulations on the excellent performance of all our children in this year's A-level/AS-level/GCSE results.Our students have again performed considerably better than the national picture as shown in the national newspapers.I have enclosed a link from the Guardian edition that broke the news nationally. According to the Guardian, one of our students was the youngest student this year to achieve a grade A at AS-level Maths and Cambridge Advance Maths. Read the story here :,,2150229,00.html   

Other members of the group achieved spectacular GCSE results. Further details can be read at: 

I am hoping that next year we can all work together collectively to improve on an already excellent and record breaking results. 

Uncle Chris