Mission Statement

"To maximise the full potential of students to achieve the highest level of academic distinction."

- - - - -

The BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Times and other leading national and international media have been fascinated by the award-winning and record-breaking achievements of our students. Strong, and uncompromising support have been the secrets of our students’ outstanding success.

Our staff are specially trained in supporting students until very complex concepts are broken down to their level. This is achieved through our distinctive student-centred learning activities and assessments. Our support mechanism inspires research and independent learning.

We at Excellence in Education (EIE) believe that when educating children, we need to follow their lead and their interests. We need to be there to guide them when they get stuck and be facilitators for their learning. We also believe that learning is as pleasurable as entertainment and an enjoyable exercise.

The information rich society in which we live today, has made such factors and involvement very important from an early age and in our experience they are a key to academic success.

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