Top The Class Seminar- September 2012

Want your child to top the class?

If the answer is yes, then come down to:

Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford Grammar School, West Hill, 


on Saturday 29th September 2012 from 11am- 5pm. The secrets behind how a 15 year old was admitted by the University of Oxford and discover how a 6 year old was able to pass Maths GCSE. So make sure you don't miss it as guest speaker, Dr Chris will also make an appearance.

Back in Session

EXCITED TO START...Key Stage 1,2,3 and GCSE and A2 Students must note that the excitement of the learning sessions starts on Saturday 22nd September.

Congratulations to Adam Akram of Bancroft's School, Woodford Green for passing GCSE Maths in a fortnight!

Adam Akram Twins.jpg

Congratulations to EIE Student, Adam Akram, for passing GCSE Maths with only 11 days' worth of preparation at the tender age of 11! (In the picture: Adam Akram, far right)  

11 Plus students that have exams on Saturdays in September are invited to join a weekday weekly seminar in the evenings.

Postponed - Back to School Webinar has been moved to this Monday due to Paralympics!

Join EIE students and staff for the 'Back to Schol Webinar' this Monday, Monday 10th September at 8pm instead of Sunday 9th September as was previously arranged due to the Paralympis Closing Ceremony.

EIE welcomes the world renowned American psychologist.

Joanne Raschitz, the world renowned American psychologist, will be meeting and interviewing some EIE students for scientific research on geniuses, child prodigies and exceptional academic achievement.



University of Oxford Open Day

 On Friday the 14th of September it will be the University of Oxford Open Day. Every student should register for this, especially if you don't have exams. 

For more information click here.


EIE Students LIVE on Breakfast BBC!


Don't forget to tune in and listen to EIE students' LIVE on the BBC at 7am on Wednesday 29th August. Listen here for Israel Nwisi's interview!


Congratulations to Israel and Sarah Nwisi on their GCSE Success!

Israel and Sarah Nwisi.jpg

All the staff and students at EIE would like to congratulate EIE Students Israel Nwisi, 10, and Sarah Nwisi, 8, (pictured left) for passing their GCSEs! The precocious pair passed GCSE Maths after a few months of study! Other students we would like to congratulate are Samuel Brant, 7, and Laurelle Brant, 8, who also wrote GCSE and passed!

7 simple steps to turn a 'U' grade to an A

Did you not get the grade you wanted? Do you not know what to do next? Chris Imafidon demonstrates how anyoone can turn their "U" grade into an "A", or even an A* because your grade is never a true reflection of your abillity...



GCSE Results

GCSE success

All staff ,board members and alumi at EIE would just like to congratulate all students receiving their GCSE grades this week, especially those in year 3 and 4. We can't wait believe we are already hearing record breaking results! Click here to see the success of our students this year..

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