Youngest GCSE Pass for EIE is 6-Year-Old Deborah Thorpe!

Another SIX-YEAR-OLD EIE Student, Deborah Thorpe, who became one of the youngest students to pass GCSE Maths, had fun with it because she believes Maths is a game! She passed after only 11 months study and will be preparing for A-Level late next year. Please see: The Voice

Did you make your grade or get a University place?

We would like to congratulate all our students that recieved the A-level results they wanted but for those of you that didn't, we will be running a one-to-one Clearing Consultation service, staffed by University Officers and other experienced individuals.

Need something to do this Summer?....

EIE save a date

EIE invites you to our annual EIE summer sessions have come once again. This year they will be starting on Monday 15th August- 19th August, taking place at our South London branch and the following week starting 22nd-26th August 2011, which will taking place at our Ilford venue (see locations under 'Essex'). The lessons will begin at 10 am and finish at 4pm everyday.

Oxford University Aspiration Weekend

If you would like to go to the Oxford University Aspiration Weekend on Saturday 30th July - Sunday 31st July,

and you have not yet indicated interest or have not yet confirmed you would like to attend, please email:

The event is a rare Open Day at the University of Oxford for students aged between 13 and 17 years

Notice for Friday : House of Lords Prize Giving Ceremony

EIE save a date

Congratulations, to those who have been nominated and have received their Special invitation. It is an achievement in itself to have been selected. We would to remind you that the dress code for this event is Black tie, as this will be an Oscar style ceremony. We'll see you there!

Evening Standard wins Award at EIE House of Lords Prizegiving Ceremony

 Congratulations to all the nominees of awards at the EIE House of Lords Prizegiving ceremony on Friday 1st July! We are delighted to announce that one of the nation's most popular newspapers, the Evening Standard, will be joining us as they will be receiving an award at the Prestigious event due to their fantastic and highly successful literacy campaign supported by many across London.

Congratulations to our record-breaking students!


We would like to extend our congratulations to our students who have excelled in Mathematics, ICT, English and Modern Foreign Languages. They will be being honoured at the House of Lords shortly. They have truly proven that an inner city child is as good as any other
We'll keep you all posted on the event.

NO SESSIONS THIS WEEK... until Saturday 11th June!

There are NO Sessions on Saturday 4th June due to Half-Term Sessions in the week, so we will resume on Saturday 11th June.

Evening Standard focus on literacy with excellent articles

 We wish to salute The London Evening Standard (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week) for focussing on the important issues of literacy in London and inner-city schools. We have had several free seminars, webinars, and workshops for inner-city pupils and parents and shared effective solutions to the twin issues of literacy and numeracy. Our students are record-breakers and award winners in school performance and learning.
Our solution to illiteracy are fairly simple yet independently proven to be extremely effective.

Discover the secrets of exam success at half-term revision classes!

Stressed about summer exams? Need help with revision? No need to panic just attend our annual half-term sessions where you will discover the secrets of exam success! The half-term lessons will start from Tuesday 31st May to Friday 3rd June from 10 am to 4 pm. It is being held at our Ilford venue. Please note your child will not be able to leave the centre during the day so therefore a PACKED lunch is essential. We hope to see you all there..

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