EIE assists Commonwealth leaders to prosperity #Chogm2018


 (EIE) The Excellence in Education offers to assist committed commonwealth leaders at chogm2018. “Human capital development exceeds the narrow boundaries of traditional education and remains the key to institutional, individual and national prosperity. This must be the take-home message of any #Commonwealth leader” #Chogm2018 #ProfessorChrisImafidon #ProfChrisImafidon

EIE Students lead by Prof Imafidon invited to join Her Majesty, Queen of England for Commonwealth

 Children top the class and get unprecedented results because learning pill [unique methodology and special mentorship for success] pioneered by Prof Chris Imafidon that led to record consistent breaking results.
A group of students lead by Chris Imafidon invited to attend the Commonwealth day service on Monday 12th March. They were the country’s brightest kids last year after they became the youngest to pass their GCSE EXAMS AT PRIMARY SCHOOL!
Now EIE (Excellence In Education) mentored pupils are the best in national exams, and pupils are being recognized via invitation to join Her Majesty, Queen of England for Commonwealth Day Service.


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