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TERMS & CONDITIONS  – for academic year 2018/19

Here are the terms and conditions that will apply this year:

  • There should be regular and punctual attendance on the If a student is unable to attend, they are requested to call a member of staff to inform absence at least one week before the session. In case of emergency, contact us immediately. Failure to attend for two consecutive weeks will result in the student being removed from our list and be replaced with someone on the waiting list.


  • A voluntary contribution of £30 will be expected per session. Each session is two hours long. This payment should be made a month in advance. For this purpose, the total contribution is £120 per calendar


  • When students are late, the full price for the session must still be Persistent lateness can be very disruptive and must be avoided.


  • There will be a registration fee (as specified in the “EIE: Successful Registration” email) whenever a student joins the Excellence in Education programme. This will be in addition to the £30 charged for the initial session.


  • There is a three-week waiting period before parents/guardians can request an appointment to get feedback from a teacher. Appointments for feedback must be booked in


  • Excellence in Education must be informed of any upcoming tests or exams BEFORE students sit them. This will ensure that we can help all students in the best possible way. Students must also endeavour to enrol for our exam half-term and Easter revision


  • If there are no more spaces in the class for a student, parents/guardians will be informed, and the students will be added to the waiting


Pupils should be aware that:

  • Food and drink are restricted to certain parts of the Food or drink are not allowed whilst sessions are in progress.


  • Modest attire is recommended. Sensible clothing. Students will not be allowed to wear low-cut or strappy tops or have bare mid-riffs. Bermuda style shorts are acceptable but not short No flashing trainers or distractive pieces of clothing.


  • All mobile phones must be switched off before the session starts. No MP3 players or personal stereos should be brought to sessions. No headphones can be worn during Devices (mobile phones, tablets and/or laptops) may be used upon request from the teacher.


  • They must be polite to Mentors/Teachers/Lecturers, and their assistants at all Excellent behaviour is expected during sessions.


Parents should be aware that:

  • Homework is not optional. If pupils do not submit their homework on three consecutive weeks, the pupil will be removed from our list and replaced with someone on the waiting list


  • It is their responsibility for the pupil to arrive for the session in time and prepared.


  • Payments are not refundable.


  • All the fees and payment above exclude examination fees, textbook, and notebooks.


  • Any damage or loss of Videos, CDs, VCDs, and DVD will attract a replacement cost. EIE cannot accept responsibilities for the playing or reading any electronic materials loaned out to parents.


  • Half-term and other intensive holiday programmes will attract a different contribution.