What we offer

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin 

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 Many people call us, or speak to us to find out the services we offer – This section of the website outlines that. We identify the interests or leaning of students and aid their learning with the appropriate technological tools such as DVDs, CDs, Videos, Tablets and Laptops.

We consider homework to be an important part of the school’s curriculum. It is set according to ability for each age group and is complementary to the ongoing work of the class. We would ask therefore that parents provide comfortable and quiet conditions in which their children may work at home.

We recommend that each student have a book at home and read it for at least ten minutes to a responsible adult each evening. This helps younger children gain confidence and ensures that older children extend their understanding and use of vocabulary.

We also place great emphasis on the development of good behaviour. Teaching and counselling takes place in a context of order, obedience and good manners inside and outside the classroom.